Diseased - Holly & Donald


Canon EOS 7D Mark ii
600mm at ISO 400, 1/640, f7.1

Coyote Pup With Mange

Spring has sprung at the Pendleton Recreation Area in Dumas, Arkansas and so have the young of wildlife, unfortunately this Coyote Pup has a horrible case of Mange.

Mange is caused by microscopic mites that bites and burrows in to the soft tissue under the skin which causes extreme itching, hair loss and oozing infected sores.

Because coyotes are pack animals, they live in close quarters and can spread the mite just by brushing against another pack member and so on, which creates an endless cycle among the pack that usually results in a slow miserable death of freezing due to no hair in the winter to stay warm and if the mange spreads to the face it will cause infection in the eyes that leads to blindness then starvation due to not being able to hunt.

Photos and Writting by:

Holly Devine

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