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Holly & Donald

Bohemian: “A person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer.”

(Photo by: Emma Westcott)

As a married couple who loves to keep moving, we enjoy any opportunity to visit new and sometimes exciting places. Living a gypsy lifestyle, we found that the memories we made are much easier to share when recorded with our camera. Thus, the birth of The Bohemian Lens.

Our services are available in Rose, Oklahoma and surrounding area.


Maternity, Birth, Newborn:

Motherhood is truly a wonderful experience.  From conception until adulthood, this roller-coaster will  fill our lives with more joy than we could ever imagine.  Our goal is to freeze those special moments in time, so they last beyond the short span of life's one true miracle.


Taking a creative approach to a timeless classic.  We help you seek out the ideal location and bring a new eye to your everyday life.  We love to experiment and strive to make your portrait more than imagined.


With an artistic approach we can add value to your home listing by capturing a perspective not seen by the normal eye.


We are ready to assist you in growing your brand with all your photography needs.  Rather it be simple head shots or traveling to site operations to gather your employees hard at work.  We look forward to growing with you.


Artwork to bring a little bit of the wild and beautiful outdoors inside.


Buena Viata Farms Postcard

"The photos of Buena Vista Farms that Bohemian Lens has shared with us are wonderful and we are excited to see all the new angles and vision to come! Great job!"

** Teri **

"Awesome people. They take very good pictures and are very dedicated to it."

** Jody **

Indians vs Blue Jays Baseball

"Very awesome people & very talented. We loved all of our pictures"

** Brandi **

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